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I went to Valu-Vet for flea medication for my dog. I researched the veterinary literature and determined that Comfortis (spinosad) was the best choice because the Revolution (selamectin) that the dog was taking was not killing the fleas. I wanted the brown package of Comfortis (60-120 lb dog) of six tablets for my dog, and I would then break the tablets in half (for a 30-60 lb dog) and have enough prophylactic medicine against fleas for twelve... Read more

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My 12 year old Back Lab, who i saved as a puppy at 8mo, condition has been deteriorating of the past few months. He has had a few days where he was less than peppy but on most days including two days ago he was prancing around asking for treats and to be left outside. He was diagnosed a few years back with fatty tumors and we got used to his somewhat "lumpy" appearance but his abdomen was now getting more and more expanded. He was still the... Read more

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This place is run by DR.ERIN GREY, INCOMPETENT AND DUMB. I don't know how she got through vet school Maybe she cheated her way in? I took my two dogs there and walked away with two sick dogs and a bill over $900. Talk about being disgusted". I tell everyone I know to stay away from that place;. The guy who owns this group of pathetic clinics is an accountant:. He doesn't know the first thing about animals much less medicine.. All he cares about... Read more

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I brought my 8 year boxer to valu vet at 11 am on 1/16/10 with what i thought was hip problems the doc checks his hip and does no other tests does not listen to his heart or look in his mouth gives him arthritis meds. my husband comes home in 3 hrs and dog is not moving gums white we bring him back my husband says what did you not see this before they do a blood test and all counts are low they come back and say he more then likely has cancer... Read more

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